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Sean Rowley

I’ve always felt that artistic ability is a gift you have been given, therefore you are obligated produce great works. Talent wasted is a shame. If you can find even one thing that you are good at, and enjoy doing, then life is good.


I paint in watercolor. This is the medium I have chosen as my primary focus. I studied many mediums in college including oils, but for some reason watercolors have stuck in my mind because of the challenge. It is a difficult medium. There is no covering up mistakes or reworking a watercolor. This provides a serious challenge. One that I enjoy very much.


I prefer to paint landscapes, rural towns, farm country, and anything old and rusty. The wonderful red rocks of Southern Utah offer a never ending supply of painting opportunities. I also prefer painting in a realistic style, attempting to capture the subject in detail. The challenge of a realistic painting gives me the impetus to keep going and create new works of art.


After a long painting session, when you look at what you have created, there is a feeling of accomplishment that just can’t be compared to anything else.


To learn more about me, and to see more of my artwork, visit my web page at: 

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Dixie Watercolor Society

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