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Spring    Watercolor Show & Competition 2023
"Lost Treasures"

Show Results

 Signature Member Awards

Bos Jean Mooney 2 Crop.jpg

Jean Mooney "Miss Maya" Best of Show

Sig-1st-Spons-Sean Rowley.jpg

Sean Rowley "Left For Dead" 1st Place

Roland Lee "Barn In Winter" 2nd Place

Bill Sherwin "Lake Powell Going Gone?" 3rd Place

Karen Bettilyon "Golden Treasure In The Vines" Honorable Mention

Myron Laub "Passing Storm" Honorable Mention

Cheryl Sachse "Timberline Truck" Honorable Mention

Nancy Littlefield "Food Fight, Black Chinned Anna's Hummingbirds" Peoples Choice Award

Associate Member Awards

Jan Hansen "All My Sisters" 1st Place

Jo Engstrom "The Ninety & Nine" 2nd Place

Margo Cook "A White Christmas" 3rd Place

Janet Smith "Tying Generations" Honorable Mention

Marietta Glauser "Lost But Never Forgotten" Honorable Mention

Special Awards

Sean Rowley "Left For Dead"  Dixon Ticonderoga - Sponsor Award

Bill Sherwin "Lake Powell Going Gone?" Mary's Cheesecake - Sponsor Award

Karen Bettilyon "Grandpa's '35 Ford"  Urban Iron Doors - Sponsor Award

Jan Hansen "All My Sisters" Star Nursery - Sponsor Award

Dan Weber "Homeland Lost" Mayor's Award

Dixie Watercolor Society

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