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The Dixie Watercolor Society (DWS) is an organization dedicated to promote, encourage, educate and advance watercolor artists and painting through meetings, demonstrations, lectures, workshops, classes and shows for the benefit of DWS members, other artists and the general public.

Regular DWS meetings feature: demonstrations - guest artists - lectures - critique sessions - show and share - activity information as well as open discussions on new ideas, materials, and opportunities to show and sell. Complete detailed information is featured in our newsletter and on this website.


DWS members have varied opportunities to show, exhibit and sell their artwork:

DWS members are invited to show their work in various DWS sponsored shows and exhibitions in the St. George area.

DWS members are invited to show their work at special events, festivals and cooperating organizations and Galleries.

DWS education programs feature quality workshops with professional instructors.

DWS member artists offer outstanding professional workshops, classes and Plein Air sessions in our beautiful area.

DWS welcomes all to join: beginners, students, professionals, consultants and sponsors. For information write to:

DWS, PO Box 1127, St. George, Utah 84771. 

You can also follow the Dixie Watercolor Society on Face Book.

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Membership Information

For membership information and a downloadable sign up sheet, click this LINK

Dixie Watercolor Society

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