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Spring Watercolor Show & Competition 2022

Show Results

 Signature Member Awards

BoS Lola K Spring 2022.jpg

Lola Krummenacher "Blowing In The Wind" Best of Show, and Mayor's Choice Award

Thistle Coral Pink Sand Dunes Low Res.jpg

Sean Rowley " Desert Bones" 1st Place

Sig 2nd Myron L Spring 2022.jpg

R.M. Laub "Late One Summer Afternoon" 2nd Place

Sig 3rd Shari C Spring 2022.jpg

Shari Cannon "Virgin River Trail Shadows" 3rd Place

Sig HM Bill S Spring 2022.jpg

Bill Sherwin "3 Ladies In Waiting" Honorable Mention

Sig HM Cheryl S Spring 2022.jpg

Cheryl Sachse "Ray Shadows (Saw Dust Festival) Honorable Mention, and Roland Lee Sponsor Award

Sig HM Karen March Spring 2022.jpg

Karen March "Tulips For Sale" Honorable Mention

Associate Member Awards

Asc 1st Mary Manning Spring 2022.jpg

Mary Manning "Poppies" 1st Place

Asc 2nd Suzanne Jennings Spring 2022.jpg

Suzanne Jennings "Mountain View" 2nd Place

Asc 3rd Beth Jesse Spring 2022 Frugal Framers Ribbon.jpg

Beth Jesse "Playing In The Shadows" 3rd Place, and Frugal Framers Sponsor Award

Asc HM Jo Engstrom Spring 2022.jpg

Jo Engstrom "Where Heaven Meets Earth" Honorable Mention

Asc HM Jean Mooney Spring 2022.jpg

Jean Mooney "Muir Woods Walk" Honorable Mention

Asc HM Kathy Cooper Spring 2022.jpg

Kathy Cooper "Grandpa & Saddie" Honorable Mention

Asc HM Janet Falconer Spring 2022.jpg

Janet Falconer "St. George's Backyard Rocks" Honorable Mention

Asc Wingers Spons Julie Strong Spring 2022.jpg

Julie Strong "Aspen Glow" Wingers Sponsor Award

Dixie Watercolor Society

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