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Fall Watercolor Show & Competition 2021
"Streak Of Red"

Show Results

 Signature Member Awards

Sig_BoS_Nancy Littlefield_Lesser Goldfinch And Crepe Myrtle.jpg

Nancy Littlefield "Lesser Goldfinch And Crepe Myrtle" Best of Show

Sig_1st_Cheryl Sachse_Spoon And Marble.jpg

Cheryl Sachse "Spoon And Marble" 1st Place

Sig_2nd_Sean Rowley_Kolob Arch.jpg

Sean Rowley "Kolob Arch" 2nd Place

Sig_3rd_Karen Bettilyon_Claret Cactus Of Snow Canyon.jpg

Karen Bettilyon "Claret Cactus of Snow Canyon" 3rd Place

Sig_HM_Bill Sherwin_Waiting.jpg

Bill Sherwin "Waiting" Honorable Mention

Sig_HM_Mel Scott_Dancing Cactus.jpg
Sig_HM_Shari Cannon_Violinist.jpg

Shari Cannon "Violinist" Honorable Mention

Mel Scott "Dancing Cactus" Honorable Mention

Sig_HM_Roland Lee_New Red Door.jpg

Roland Lee "New Red Door" Honorable Mention

Sig_HM_Eddi Malloy_Photo Finish.jpg

Eddi Malloy "Photofinish" Honorable Mention

Associate Member Awards

Asc_1st_Margo Cook_Allie.jpg

Margo Cook "Allie" 1st Place

Asc_3rd_Jan Hansen_Flight Of The Bumblebee.jpg
Asc_2nd_Dan Weber_Mostly Unseen.jpg

Dan Weber "Mostly Unseen" 2nd Place

Asc_HM_Suzanne Jennings_The Old Snow Home.jpg

Suzanne Jennings "The Old Snow Home" Honorable Mention

Jan Hansen "Flight Of The Bumblebee" 3rd Place

Asc_HM_Bonnie David_So Many Boxes.jpg
Asc_HM_Diane Wahlert_I Say Love.jpg

Diane Wahlert "I Say Love" Honorable Mention

Bonnie David "So Many Boxes" Honorable Mention

Asc_HM_Jo Engstrom_Warner Valley Vista.jpg

Jo Engstrom "Warner Valley Vista" Honorable Mention

Asc_HM_Teri Rochford_Monster Under The Hood.jpg

Teri Rochford "Monster Under The Hood" Honorable Mention

Special Awards

Sig_Spons_SCI_Cheryl Sachse_Attitude.jpg
Sig_Spons_FrmShop_Nancy Littlefield_The Witness.jpg

Nancy Littlefield "The Witness" Sponsor Award

Mystic Canyon Light Gallery

Cheryl Sachse "Attitude" Sponsor Award

SCI Sorensen Companies, Inc.

Sig_MayorAwd_Cheryl Sachse_Mother And Daughters.jpg

Cheryl Sachse "Mother and Daughters" Mayor's Award

Dixie Watercolor Society

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