Fall Watercolor Show & Competition 2020

"Things That Move"

Show Results

Signature Member Awards

Karen Bettilyon "Snort" Best of Show

Sean Rowley "Elkheart Cliffs" 1st Place

Bill Sherwin "Slow Moving Water-Lake Powell" 3rd Place

Glenda Caskey "Hawk on the Hunt" 2nd Place

Mary Jane Grow "Beaconing Canyon" Honorable Mention

Glenda Caskey "Fisherman's Cove" Mayor's Award

Karen Bettilyon "Spring Water of Zion" Sponsor's Award - Arte

Associate Member Awards

Cheryl Sachse "Hanging On" 1st Place

Dan Weber "Mom, Make Him Stop" 3rd Place

Isabel Lee "Owl In Flight" 2nd Place

Jean Mooney "Say Cheese" Honorable Mention

Dixie Stoddard "Castles In The Sand" Honorable Mention

Linda Headley "Shifting Sand" Honorable Mention

Nancy Littlefield "Hide and Seek Hunger Games" Honorable Mention, and Sponsor's Award - The Art Factor

Isabel Lee "Peek a Boo" People's Choice Award

Dixie Watercolor Society

Dedicated to Watercolor Painting in Utah's Dixie