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Glenda Caskey

My love of art has always been with me, but my concerted experience with painting began as a young adult when my children were born. I started with oils and acrylics and enjoyed the landscapes of Colorado, where we lived at the time. I put the paints aside when I resumed my career in finance and marketing, using my degree from the University of Texas at Austin. Even though it may seem to be a far cry from painting, art and creativity are always required to present your story and pull in the viewer.

When I took early retirement, I was able to develop my painting skills again and chose to focus on watercolors. I fell in love with the freshness and flow that the medium provides. With paints in hand, my husband and I traveled around the US and experienced the beauty and variety of each region. We are now settled in St. George, Utah, surrounded by a unique and varied landscape from red rocks to mountain forests.

I am primarily self-taught, but have developed my art with workshops from known artists such as Roland Lee, Lien Quan Zhen, Fealing Lin, and Ian Ramsey. As an active member of the Dixie Watercolor Society in St. George, I have had award-winning participation at various shows and exhibits throughout the past several years.

When you live in a country surrounded by such varied landscape and raw beauty, painting is my way of trying to capture this beauty. It becomes a passion.

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Dixie Watercolor Society

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