"Anything Goes" Fall Show and Competition - 2015

Painting by Myron Laub

We had a great turn out for the Dixie Watercolor Society's Fall Show and Competition. The theme was "Anything Goes". This theme gave our society members the leeway to fill the gallery space with many varied subjects and styles. It was a wonderful show with many talented artists.

It is difficult to pick a favorite when there are so many fantastic paintings to choose from. Our Judge for this show was David Lobenberg, and we would like to thank him for his time. He also put on a workshop. Click HERE for more information about his workshop. Click HERE to see his website.

To see the winning paintings click HERE.

Scroll down the page for photos of the reception

Artist Michelle Manriquez at the reception, explaining her process to 

fellow DWS members.

Left: Daphne Schroth, president of the DWS

Right: Maureen Booth vice president

Gearing up for the announcement 

of the competition winners

Before the awards announcements, 
enjoying the artwork and the chance to visit with fellow DWS members and the public.

Karen March, along with fellow DWS members and visitors enjoying the show.

Ribbon Winners.
To see the paintings
click HERE.

DWS Signature Members:

Karen Bettilyon – “Through the Fall Leaves”
Best of Show and 1st Place

John Mangels – “Desert Wash”
2nd Place

Karen March – “Fresh Flowers”
3rd Place

Mary Jane Grow – “Big Rock Candy Mountain”
Honorable Mention

John Mangels – “Getting Ready”
Honorable Mention

Sean Rowley – “Life on the Edge”
Honorable Mention

DWS Members:

Janis Bown – “A Ship on the Green River”
1st Place

Gail Alger – “Zion Cracks on a Rock”
2nd Place

Robert Bailey – “Canyon Glow”
3rd Place

Gail Alger – “Crotion Creation”
Honorable Mention

Eddie Malloy – “Phalaenopsi”
Honorable Mention

Some Photos of Our competition winners:

From left to right: Karen Bettilyon, Janis Bown, Robert Bailey,

John Mangels, Karen March, Sean Rowley

Karen Bettilyon accepting her award for first place.
She also took the Best of Show ribbon for the same painting
in the DWS signature member category, "Through the Fall Leaves".

John Mangels accepted two awards: 2nd Place, and an Honorable Mention

in the DWS signature member category, "Desert Wash", and "Getting Ready".

Karen March accepted an award for 3rd Place for her painting

in the DWS signature member category, "Fresh Flowers"

Sean Rowley accepting an award for Honorable Mention

in the DWS signature member category for, "Life on the Edge"

Janis Bown, accepting her award for 1st Place

in the DWS member category for "A Ship on the Green River".

Robert Bailey accepting his award for 3rd Place

in the DWS member category for "Canyon Glow".