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R.M. Laub

Painting has always been a part of my life. While busy with a career and family, my painting time was limited to weekends and vacations. Since retiring and moving to St. George, I have been inspired by the nearby national and state parks and paint them frequently.


Watercolor is my medium. I like vivid colors and that sometimes it has a life of it's own, often difficult but always exciting to try and tame it. As I like to paint outdoors, it helps that it dries quickly and thus can be mobile. This attribute was also responsible for my switch to watercolor as little fingers quickly play havoc with a fresh painting still in the drying process.


Now my favorite pastime is taking my painting gear and finding a place that stirs something in my soul, be it nostalgia for half remembered places and things or the excitement of what is just over that ridge or around the bend. It is this "feeling," rather than an exact replica of a spot, that I try to capture in my painting. If I can elicit a similar response in the viewer with my paintings then I have succeeded in what I wanted to do.

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Dixie Watercolor Society

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