Fall Watercolor Show & Competition 2017
"The Way We Worked"

Show Results

Signature Member Awards

Best of Show and People's Choice: Sean Rowley - "Gearing Up"

1st Place: Shari Cannon - "Monday"


2nd Place: Karen March - "The Smithy"

3rd Place: Myron Laub - "Making Plans"

Honorable Mention: Roland Lee - "Retired"

Associate Member Awards

1st Place: Jan Bown - "Storm Passing"

2nd Place: Maureen Booth - "Giddy Up"

3rd Place: Dick Rose - "Sacred Ground"

Honorable Mention: Daphne Schroth - "Eggs for Sale"

Honorable Mention: Isabel Lee - "Just Picked"


Honorable Mention: Jan Hansen - "The Way We Worked in Transportation"