Michelle Manriquez

Art is a way of expressing the colors and feelings of my innermost self when the medium of language fails me.  Watercolor combines water, light and color to produce images in fascinating and unexpected ways.
I have studied with Russell Black and belong to the Southern Utah Watercolor Society (SUWS) and Hurricane Valley Arts Alliance.  My pictures have received several local Best of Shows, and multiple awards. 
Until 2004, I worked as a Registered Nurse for the State of California in the Department of Health and Welfare.  In August of that year I suffered a massive stroke that destroyed the left side of my brain.  My career ended on that day.  Following a year of intensive rehabilitation, I saw the world and its colors differently.
Today, I live in St. George, Utah with my husband Pedro, and my beloved dogs, Rosie, Sol and Luna.  

Currently, I have a free artist painting group every Thursday in my Studio. Please see my website more for information under Calendars.

Each new day is a gift from God and I am grateful.

My website is
http://manriquezwatercolors.webs.com/ or e-mail me at  [email protected] .

Click here to see Michelle’s paintings.