Melanie (Mel) Scott

Melanie Scott is a professional artist residing in St. George. She was the first president and one of the original founders of the Southern Utah Watercolor Society. The city fathers said there would be no interest but since inception the society is one of the few ART Societies in this area that is still functioning. 

 She is a graduate of Dixie College and has a BFA in fine art from SUU. Upon graduation, she was hired as an adjunct professor of art at Dixie State College and taught there for 8 years until she was hired at Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts 7 years ago.  “I love high school kids and hope to inspire them to develop their artistic gifts for several more years.”

 She has paintings in Germany, Japan, England, Italy and in private collections across the United States.  She is presently designing and sewing one of a kind art bags that are sold in Bella Donna Boutique in Ancestor Square and Sunset Framers & Gallery on Main Street. “The purses are a one of a kind UNIQUE ART statement. Instead of hanging your painting on a wall, people can now carry their art collection with them.”

She has been the featured artist at the St. George Art Museum, as well as several other shows. I have won many awards for my art throughout the West.  I was the winner of the Regional Watercolor competition. 

“I love the way watercolor works. It is such a relaxing medium for my style of art. As a teacher I find myself teaching oils, acrylic, pastels, drawing, fashion design and interior design, photography , painting sets for stage productions, and was able to help design a scene for  our school play "White Christmas "and paint that last year. Being an educator allows me the freedom to explore new horizons with my art skills and hopefully pass along my enthusiasm for ART.”

Click here to see her paintings and handbags.