John Mangels


 John Mangels

Watercolor and Pastel Artist

John began his artistic journey in 2007 after he moved to St. George Utah and retired from a successful carrier in engineering, sales and marketing. 

He began taking drawing and watercolor classes from local artists. He has also taken workshops from various Utah and national artists. He displays his work with the Dixie Watercolor Society and the Southern Utah Art Guild in the Red Cliff Gallery. John is a Board Member of the Southern Utah Art Guild and a Signature Member of the Dixie Watercolor Society.

His goal as a landscape painter is to translate the beauty of the red rock country and the desert around Southern Utah into paintings that will inspire others to appreciate the unmatched beauty that surrounds us in St. George. His painting style has evolved into “abstract realism” and “pure abstraction” after he fell in love with the “California Style” of watercolor painting. Watercolor, with its ability to create variable and subtle color changes, make this an obvious medium for his work. 

“My art is a journey and will continue to evolve. My goal is to continue to discover new ways to express my love of the Utah landscape.  I hope you will see this evolution as you enjoy the paintings on my website."  

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 Contact information:

 Email: [email protected]