Dixie Watercolor Society is proud to announce Gallery 35, an all watercolor gallery located at 35 North Main, in St. George Utah

This new gallery is a place where members of the Dixie Watercolor Society can exhibit and sell their transparent watercolor paintings.

The Gallery will open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 

From 10am to 6pm 

Our Featured Artist, Karen Bettilyon, will have her artwork up in the featured section of the gallery from 
Nov. 2017 through Jan. 2018. She has a wonderful selection of original watercolors available to view and for sale.
Come in and take a look.


Northern Utah has been my home for most of my life. After selling our company, we now spend six months in St. George and the balance in Salt Lake City. I have studios at both locations.

As a child, I was always drawing and painting as art was my love. I was involved with painting stage sets in high school as well art classes. I started out as an art major at the University of Utah, but my father admonished me to get a degree wherein I could earn a living, if need be; thus, that business study has supported and contributed to our family over the years. In Salt Lake City, my work was property management and development for The Bettilyon Corporation.


I went 37 years without picking up a brush as it seemed working full-time, raising children and the lack of having a space in my home to do art resulted in my putting art on the back burner. We moved part-time to St. George to get out of the snow and cold. I took my first watercolor class in 2004 from Roland Lee. It was an eye-opener to this new world in which I fell in love.

I so enjoy being in the art community in St. George as I love the energy and camaraderie shared by the artists I know. There are wonderful opportunities in St. George to be involved and part of the art scene, be in shows and exhibitions, and the art district downtown. Being with other artists is energizing as we all have the same goal towards creative endeavors.

Transparent watercolor is an exciting medium wherein the unexpected is always expected. It is a challenge of discovery and discipline. I always wait the “aha” moment when my art comes together and it is a creation that gives me the sense of accomplishment.

Come and see the wonderful watercolor artwork at 35 North Main. This is a wonderful venue for talented artist exhibiting transparent watercolors.