Bill Sherwin


I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where I hiked, biked, golfed and cross-country skied. I attended the University of Utah and Salt Lake Trade Tech, earning a degree in commercial art. While studying art, I saw some amazing artists unable to make a living in the art world, so decided I'd better get a "real job".  I always ended up in sales. 

During the last 30+ years my art boiled down to some commission portraits in pencil, wood, and oil.  Much of my work was for friends and family, special occasions and personal gifts.

A couple of years ago I got talked into taking a Carl Purcell workshop and then I was hooked. I love watercolor because of the speed, colors, versatility, and the unpredictability. I have really enjoyed the journey.

I live in St. George, Utah. I'm married and have one daughter, two sons, a son-in-law and an 18 month and 5 1/2 year old grandsons. The oldest one (who loves to draw - and he does every day) I'm sure he'll be way better than me. Being "ambidextrous" he draws well with both left and right hands...weird.


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